Global Force 2017 expects more than 200 exhibitors. We want to help you stand out from the competition by offering sponsorship opportunities that will enhance your presence and visibility at the symposium.

  • Maximize brand exposure to military and government attendees.
  • Increase your booth traffic through targeted advertising options.

AUSA recognizes multiple levels of support. All sponsorships are chosen individually, but may be added up to the listed sponsorship levels.


Charging and Networking Lounge

Sponsor investment: $20,000.00

The Lounge will be a featured 20’x20’ island in East Hall located between the General Session and Registration, and South Hall. Attendees can meet at this central location for networking and add a boost to their electronics. This lounge will be exclusively branded by your sponsorship. This lounge will be furnished and exclusively branded.

Shuttle Bus SOLD

Sponsor investment: $20,000.00

AUSA will run a shuttle bus service between Huntsville area hotels and the Von Braun Center. Your company logo will be placed on the shuttle bus schedule and signage. Sponsor is encouraged to work with the bus company for other branding opportunities.

Opening Reception (4)

Sponsor investment: $20,000.00
This is the premiere social and networking event during the symposium, taking place in the exhibit hall directly after the conclusion of the general session. Sponsorship includes:

  • Signage provided by AUSA recognizing the sponsors placed at the entrance to the exhibit hall, and near the food service stations and bars

  • Cocktail napkins with your company logo used during the event (supplied by sponsor)

  • Recognition during the General Session

Water Bottles & Water Stations

Sponsor investment: $15,000.00
Want to make a splash at this year’s symposium? Dive into this thirst quenching sponsorship that provides attendees with six water stations during the symposium. Each water station will have your company name on it and will be seen by all thirsty attendees. Your company’s branded water bottles will be available near registration and totebag pickup for all attendees to take. Water bottle cost is not included in the sponsorship. Water bottles must be provided by the sponsor, and AUSA must approve the product and design.


Sponsor investment: $10,000.00

AUSA will offer free Wi-Fi access to participants during the event. Wi-Fi sponsor will be able to define the landing page attendees see as they connect to the internet, along with branded signage throughout the Von Braun Center providing Wi-Fi access instructions. Attendees will need to reconnect to the internet after 15 minutes of inactive status, thus providing your company with additional exposure on the landing page.

Headquarter Hotel Key Card (Embassy Suites) SOLD

Sponsor investment: $10,000.00

Your custom graphics will appear on the hotel key cards for the 2017 Headquarter Hotel, the Embassy Suites. Reach attendees as soon as soon as they check into their hotel.Sponsor must provide the Key Cards, which must have the AUSA logo incorporated in the design. AUSA approval is required prior to production.

Morning Coffee Service SOLD

Sponsor investment: $6,000.00

  • Signage with your company logo provided by AUSA, placed near the food and beverage service stations

  • Cocktail napkins with your company logo used during the event (supplied by sponsor)

  • Recognition during the General Session

Registration Page Sponsorship

Sponsor investment: $5,000.00

Want to make a first impression at this year’s symposium? Your company will be one of the first companies attendees and exhibitors see when they register for Global Force 2017. Our registration page will feature five rotating banners.

Exhibit Hall Hanging Banners

Sponsor investment: $5,500.00

Make a huge display in the exhibit hall by displaying your custom graphics on a 15’x15’ hanging banner. Sponsorship includes the production and rigging of the banner.

Refreshment Breaks Only 3 Remain!

Sponsor investment: $5,000.00

There are three (3) morning refreshment breaks and two (2) afternoon refreshment breaks during the course of the Symposium, all taking place in the exhibit halls. Sponsorship includes:

  • Signage with your company logo provided by AUSA, placed near the food and beverage service stations

  • Cocktail napkins with your company logo used during the event (supplied by sponsor)

  • Recognition during the General Session


Business Center

Sponsor investment: $5,000.00

Your company logo will be featured on signage inside, as well as, outside the business center. The business center is complimentary for all exhibitors and attendees and offers computer stations, small print jobs, etc. (Multiple opportunities available)

Attendee Packet Stuffer

Sponsor investment: $5,000.00

Take your message directly to attendees by placing your company flyer in each conference tote bag. Expose your latest product or publication, or entice attendees to visit your booth in the exhibit hall.

General Session Amenities

Sponsor investment: $2,500.00 (per day)

This sponsorship includes signage placed in the session room acknowledging your company. The sponsor is asked to supply pens and pads/notebooks for attendees, which will be placed at each seat.

Pop Up Meeting Room Sponsorship

Sponsor investment: $1,500.00 (per day)

This sponsorship includes one sign with your logo outside the “Pop-Up” meeting room, and bottled water and sodas inside the room. The sponsor is encouraged to supply pens and pads/notebooks with their logo.

Show Guide Sponsorships

Back Cover
Sponsor Investment: $10,000.00

Inside Front Cover
Sponsor Investment: $9,000.00

Inside Back Cover
Sponsor Investment: $7,500.00

Full Page
Sponsor Investment: $5,000.00

Page Runner
Sponsor Investment: $4,000.00

Company Logo on Cover 6 opportunities available
Sponsor Investment: $4,000.00

Floor Plan Sponsorship

Sponsor investment: $5,000.00

Highlight your company on the printed floor plan included in the Show Guide. Your company will be highlighted in the exhibitor listing and your logo will be displayed clearly on the floor plan map. Logo and listing will also be displayed on the You Are Here Locators found in high traffic areas of the Von Braun Center.

Show Guide Premium Listing

Sponsor investment: $500.00

Upgrade your exhibitor listing in the Exhibitor Description section of the Show Guide to display your
company’s logo (in color) and have your listing stand out from the others!

Have an idea about a sponsorship you don’t see here? Contact Gaye Hudson,, to share your idea, and customize your sponsorship package!