Learn what 2016 attendees had to say about the 2016 Global Force Symposium and Exposition.

floor-meeting“The majority of the symposiums were very informative and provided a timely update on factors that affect and influence readiness. The synthesis process of the various key methods and indicators provided a good insight into where the successes were (i.e. BPL successes, lessons learned, etc). The entire event culmination was spectacular with the honest and empowering speech by the HON Patrick Murphy.”

“I learned about several new programs/projects that are about to hit Huntsville and the potential support they may need.”


“I met several key military and corporate representatives and had good conversations with them, explaining my company and what we do.”

“Had good interface with Industry representatives.”


“I came away with new contacts and ideas on vendors that can help with our products.”

“I learned about new technology, and some emerging ones.”



“I found information from several booths about ammunition reloading procedures, material and equipment. I received information from several business-sponsored booths about how I can utilize my certifications, skills, and experience in different fields.”


“The topics captured what was happening now and how we should prepare moving forward. The speakers and moderators were top-notch and understood exactly where their focus was and will continue.”