AUSA is pleased to offer the following Sponsorships for the 2016 Global Force Symposium and Exposition, all of which will enhance your company’s presence at the event.

There are several opportunities to be featured that will fit every budget and marketing plan. All sponsorships are offered on a first come, first served basis; payment must be received prior to the event. All sponsors who invest more than $500 will be featured on the Sponsor thank you page in the official Symposium Program and Exhibitor Catalog.

1. Networking Lounge

Sponsor investment: $17,500.00

Enhance your Global Force presence by helping enhance everyone’s networking experiences! AUSA is pleased to offer a limited number of Networking Lounges in a variety of locations on the Exhibit Hall Floor. These lounges will be open to all attendees during exhibit hall hours on all three days of the meeting. This space will be fully carpeted and furnished with tables, chairs and sofas for attendees to sit and relax, as well as network and conduct business in a 400 nsf space. This space will also include the following:

  • Signage placed in the Networking Lounge
  • Hanging Signage identifying your company as the sponsor of the lounge
  • Opportunity to display/distribute promotional materials at the Networking Lounge
  • Recognition in the Exhibitor Catalog/Program/Show Guide/Map
  • Refreshments may be ordered and provided by sponsor at their discretion

2. Exhibit Hall Graphics Sponsorship (10)

Sponsors: IBM | Northrop Grumman
Sponsor investment: $5,000.00 each

We offer large output graphics printed on vinyl banners in full color. Your company logo and booth number will be prominently displayed and printed at approximately 10’ X 10’.

3. Symposium Program and Exhibitor Catalog Sponsorships

AUSA will produce a combined Symposium Program and Exhibitor Catalog featuring the agenda, a fold out floor plan of the exhibits, and an alphabetical listing of all exhibitors as well as product and service descriptions and complete contact information for each exhibiting organization. This printed guide will be distributed to each attendee and exhibitor, serving as the exclusive guide to the symposium and exposition. (2015 attendance exceeded 5,000) In addition this publication will be posted on our website, and will serve as a valuable resource to attendees long after the Symposium and Exposition concludes.

a) The Floor Plan sponsorship is an effective way to highlight your participation at the exposition. The fold out printed map is the centerpiece of the Exhibitor Catalog/Program. In addition, the map graphic will be used on four “You Are Here” locators strategically placed in high traffic areas. The Floor Plan sponsorship includes your company logo placed on the perimeter of the floor plan, a directional arrow from your logo to your display space, color highlighted display space on the floor plan and a color highlighted entry in the exhibitor list.
Multiple opportunities available.
Sponsor: IBM
Sponsor Investment: $5,000.00

b) The Full-Page Advertisement Sponsorship is a highly effective way to move your message to a large audience. Your full-color company ad will be placed prominently in the interior of the Catalog/Program.
Multiple opportunities available.
Sponsors: Leidos | Northrop Grumman | Rockwell Collins
Sponsor investment: $5,000.00

c) The Cover Sponsorship features your company logo on the front cover – only six available!
Sponsor Investment: $4,000.00

d) The Page Runner Sponsorship features your company logo at the bottom (footer) of each page in the show guide
Sponsors: Leidos | Booz Allen Hamilton
Sponsor Investment: $4,000.00

e) The Premium Listing Sponsorship will feature your company logo in color and your listing highlighted with a box drawn around your description. All exhibitors will have the opportunity to be listed in our catalog, so why not upgrade your listing and make it stand out!
Sponsor Investment: $500.00

4. Charging Station

Sponsor investment: $5,000.00 each

Charging Stations provide attendees with a convenient way to charge their mobile devices without leaving the conference area or show floor and give you, the sponsor a creative way to capture the attendee’s attention. Each kiosk has multiple charging tips for the most popular cell phones and portable devices including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPads too! The LCD monitor provides the opportunity for customized content and the billboard areas are highly visible for branding sponsorships. Cost is per station and there are potential locations for five or more stations.

5. Pop-Up Meeting Room Sponsorship

Sponsors: AECOM | Vision IT Consultants
Sponsor Investment: $1,500.00 per day

AUSA will manage a meeting room for attendees to reserve space for “Pop-Up” meetings. This sponsorship includes one sign with your logo outside the meeting room, and bottled water and sodas inside the room. The sponsor is encouraged to supply pens and pads/notebooks with their logo.

6. General Session Amenities

Sponsors: Deloitte | IBM
Sponsor Investment: $2,500.00 per day

This sponsorship includes signage placed in the session room acknowledging your company. The sponsor is asked to supply pens and pads/notebooks for attendees, which will be placed at each seat.

7. Morning Coffee Service

Sponsor: Lockheed Martin
Sponsor Investment: $6,000.00 each

  • Signage provided by AUSA, placed near the food service stations
  • Cocktail napkins with your company logo used during the event (supplied by sponsor)
  • Recognition during the General Session

8. Refreshment Breaks (5)

Sponsors: Dynetics | Lockheed Martin | National Technologies Associates
Sponsor Investment: $5,000.00 each

There are 3 morning refreshment breaks and 2 afternoon refreshment breaks during the course of the Symposium, all taking place in the exhibit hall. Sponsorship includes:

  • Signage provided by AUSA, placed near the food service stations
  • Cocktail napkins with your company logo used during the event (supplied by sponsor)
  • Recognition during the General Session

9. Opening Reception – Tuesday, 15 March (4)

Sponsor Investment: $20,000.00

This is the premiere social and networking event during the symposium, taking place in the exhibit hall directly after the conclusion of the general session. Sponsorship includes:

  • Signage provided by AUSA recognizing the sponsors placed at the entrance to the exhibit hall, and near the food service stations and bars
  • Cocktail napkins with your company logo used during the event (supplied by sponsor)
  • Recognition during the General Session

10. Attendee Packet Stuffer

Sponsor: Leidos
Sponsor Investment: $5,000.00

Symposium participants and Exhibitors receive an attendee packet that contains the Symposium Program and Exhibitor Catalog, floor plan and other relevant printed materials. Your printed materials will be included in each attendee packet, and signage will be placed in the Registration area with your logo identifying your company as sponsor of the Attendee Packet. This is an exclusive opportunity.

11. Hotel Key Card Sponsorship – Embassy Suites Hotel

Sponsor: Northrop Grumman
Sponsor Investment: $10,000.00

What better way to reach attendees than to have your logo handed to them when they check in at their hotel? This is an exclusive opportunity.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Brand visibility to thousands of meeting attendees!
  • Recognition in the exhibitor catalog and program on the sponsor thank you pages.
  • Recognition on the sponsor thank you page on the microsite.

Conditions of Sponsorship:

  • Sponsor must supply the key cards.
  • Quantity of key cards should equal double the number of rooms on peak.
  • Key card design must include the AUSA 2 color logo and be approved by AUSA prior to production.

The preferred vendor is:
Plasticard Locktech International
99 Pond Road
Asheville, NC 28806

12. Shuttle Bus Sponsorship

Sponsor: Huntsville CVB
Sponsor Investment: $10,000.00

AUSA will run a shuttle bus service between Huntsville area hotels and the Von Braun Center. As a sponsor, your logo will be featured on all directional signage produced by AUSA for the Shuttles. In addition, the sponsor is encouraged to coordinate with the bus company to brand the buses as allowed. This is an exclusive opportunity.

13. Business Center Sponsorships – 2 remaining!

Sponsors: Aerojet | SCI
Sponsor Investment: $5,000.00

AUSA will operate a small business center adjacent to the registration area in the South Hall. There will be 3 laptop computers, and a printer/scanner copier set up for the use of attendees and exhibitors to check email, small print jobs, etc. The room will feature signage identifying the sponsors. Sponsors may also furnish printed collateral for the room.

14. Wi-Fi Sponsorship

Sponsor: Click Bond
Sponsor Investment: $10,000.00

AUSA will offer free Wi-Fi access to Global Force participants during the event. Attendees will be able to access the internet from all public areas outside the exhibit hall and meeting rooms at the Von Braun Center. As a Wi-Fi Sponsor you can define the landing pages that attendees will see as they connect to the internet. Your logo will also be featured on signage throughout the Von Braun Center advertising the Wi-Fi access instructions. This is a great opportunity to reach a large targeted audience, brand your organization, and move your message to attendees during the show. This is an exclusive opportunity.

Have an idea about a sponsorship you don’t see here? Contact Gaye Hudson,, to share your idea, and customize your sponsorship package!