2019 AUSA LANPAC Symposium & Exposition

The Association of the United States Army’s 2019 LANPAC Symposium & Exposition is a world-class, international event highlighting the role of land forces in the Indo-Pacific theater and their contributions to the Joint Force in peace and war. The strategic location of Hawaii brings together government and industry representatives from our allies in the Indo-Pacific theater.

Over the course of three days, Industry and the U.S. interagency team examine:

Land Forces Contributions in the Indo-Pacific

  • Strategic Environment
  • Multi-Domain Operations
  • Land Force Increased Interoperability with Allies and Partners

Strengthening and Building Alliances and Partnerships

  • Setting the Theater
  • Agile Land Forces – Black Swans and Pick Flamingos
  • Ballistic Missile Defense

Innovation and Agility Across the Indo-Pacific

  • Leader Development in Synthetic Training Environments
  • Innovation: AI and Autonomous Capabilities
  • Modernization and the Evolution of Fundamentals